pcMapper is based on the technology originally developed by Kart&Datakonsult AB of Sweden for WindowsTM. It is a robust and proven software library providing functionality for spatial data management, map rendering and extensive editing capabilities. It is designed with a platform independent interface layer currently supporting AndroidTM, Windows MobileTM and PocketPCTM.

The following is a list of some of our users and partners:
  • Kartsam (Carlsson & Svanberg AB)

    Kartsam - an association of Swedish cartographers - provides a complete field mapping solution (system Asmund) based on PC Mapper for Windows MobileTM. This system has been used in many projects internationally since 2001, including the production of orienteering maps for world and national championship events.

  • ForestMan AB

    ForestMan is a Swedish company specializing in information technology for the forest industry. ForestMan is a longtime partner to Kart&Datakonsult and a user of PC Mapper technology, most recently brought to the fore in Forest Handy Man for PocketPCTM - a forest management application for field use.

  • Infab AB

    Infab (formerly DataKartor AB) has produced countless maps using PC Mapper for WindowsTM, resulting in a comprehensive database covering around 500 cities and municipalities in Sweden. This database is being used to provide products and services in the areas of public transportation, tourist guides and planning.

  • Lantmäteriet (the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration autority)

    Läntmäteriet were using PC Mapper for WindowsTM in the production process of the official national map series (1:20000) during many years. This was a significant milestone in the development of the technology that validated it's quality and usability.